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Cant diagnose issues. Black screen after start up

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    Hi there guys I am stumped and need advise. My pc was working fine 3 days ago and all of a sudden the screen went black but monitor light stayed blue. I reset and all I get is the first boot screen with my system specs.

    I tried reseating all my ram after friends suggested it might be that. Tried every stick on its own in a combination of slots. Nothing. Still can’t get past this first screen. Obviously isn’t the monitor.

    Is my motherboard or cpu in trouble ? I tried resetting cmos via the button on the motherboard and I took the battery out for 1 hour. The start up screen says warning cpu has been changed? But it hasn’t it’s still in there.

    I can’t even seem to get into safe mode .

    Specs are

    Windows 10 pro
    X58 ftw3 evga
    i7 930
    12gb ddr3
    Gtx 970
    Corsair cxm 600w pay
    1tb hdd
    600gb ssd
    Blu ray drive

    Any advise would be great even if it’s to confirm my worries that my cpu might be dead. Hopefully it’s that and not my motherboard . I’ve looked it over inside and reseated power cables etc and none of the caps look blown. Thanks .[/URL]

    Edit . I should mention that I am unable to get into the bios at all as well.

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