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The impending death of evangelical Christianity?

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    I hope his predictions of the demise of evangelical Christianity are wrong, but his astute insights into some of the “rot” that’s occuring at the core of the movement are unassailable. Just look at the anti-Christian sentiment as evidenced by the Proposition 8 backlash in California, the perception (which unfortunately is sometimes true) that Christians have caused more evil than remedied and our inability to live up to the very beliefs and doctrines we espouse (especially in our move visible leadership e.g., Swaggart, Haggard, Bakker), Obama’s acknowledgement of atheism as a peer “spiritual” group to Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc., in the country, and my own experience of failing to pass my own deeply held Christian beliefs to my children (I am not alone; in my experience there are many Christian parents who sorrow for their lost children).
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